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Shopping Centers and Malls


Shopping Centers and Malls Loss Prevention Services

Shopping centers and malls create the perfect environment for criminals. In these busy and populated surroundings, criminals can more easily blend into the scenery and avoid bringing negative attention to their deviant goal. Hiring security protection will not only decrease theft and other criminal activity, but it will ensure the safety of staff and patrons.

Officer Off Duty recognizes the unique challenges of retail security. When it comes to effective loss prevention, it is beneficial for shopping centers and malls to hire skilled police officers who can provide exceptional protection with limited interruption. Our off-duty law enforcement officers are trained to spot the characteristics, behaviors and other key factors the general public would not notice.

We work closely with retail owners and property managers to facilitate high-quality and efficient security protection and safeguard against criminal activity. Our services include:

  • Conducting parking lot surveillance
  • Augmenting existing security staff
  • Supervising special events
  • Providing a visual deterrent during the holiday season with our High-Impact Team (HIT Unit)