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Workplace Violence


Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Services

There are several triggers for workplace violence. In the office, employee conflicts can escalate into violent acts, and disgruntled workers who are the recipients of disciplinary actions, suspension or termination may act out physically. Outside the office, the stress from financial problems or domestic violence can carry into the workplace and create added anxiety for an employee, which could lead to a heightened risk of violence.

When you are concerned for your own safety and the safety of your co-workers, hiring security protection is a proactive approach to preventing workplace violence. However, should violence break out before security services are called upon, Officer Off Duty can respond quickly and take immediate action. Our low visibility ensures your business continues to operate smoothly, with little interruption or distraction.

As off-duty law enforcement officers, we work together with management and human resources to promote the prevention of workplace violence. If your institution is considered high risk, it is a wise precaution to invest in security protection for your employees and office premises. Officer Off Duty can provide the tailored guidance and training needed to keep your employees and their workplace safe.