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Personal Protection


Secured Escorts

When traveling with large amounts of cash, jewelry, or other valuables, acquiring personal protection is a smart choice. Officer Off Duty provides travel security and protection services, which are often requested by our clients. Whether you are headed to the airport, a jewelry show, or home with a large purchase, our team of off-duty law enforcement officers will discreetly escort and ensure your safe arrival and the safe transport of your valuable materials.


Celebrity Protection

For celebrity and VIP clients, acquiring personal protection provides added assurance against potential security risks and threats. No matter how intricate the situation, Officer Off Duty takes the time to discuss the needs and concerns of our clients. Our security firm coordinates with agents, managers, promoters and venue officials to build trust, provide customized protection service, and ensure there are no surprises. Along with our officers, clients can be supplied with headsets and radios for instant communication with us, as well as personal and vehicle tracking systems.


Executive Protection

Executives and other prominent individuals are frequently exposed to heightened security risks and threats. At Officer Off Duty our strengths in logistics, communications and problem-solving render us not only efficient, but adaptable to the most diverse situations, affording us the ability to provide the utmost executive protection while maintaining discretion and confidentiality. We plan, organize and lead security operations under difficult and changing conditions, from coordinating high-profile and black-tie events to protecting heads of state and VIPs. Protection involves more than providing a physical presence: our staff is trained to operate discreetly to ensure all facets of our clients’ business and personal security are addressed.


H.O.A. Patrols / Estate Protection

Your home is your castle, and our goal is to ensure its safety and peace of mind while you’re at home or away. As off-duty law enforcement officers, our team is highly-trained to provide estate security and protection for both your family and your residence. Officer Off Duty offers 24-hour security, with perimeter patrol services available on a short- or long-term basis. In special circumstances, we offer a K-9 unit to assist with maintaining perimeter security. Off-duty officers can be uniformed or plain clothes, based on client preference and level of discretion desired.