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On-Site Security


Event Security

Whether deterring party crashers, rowdy revelers or paparazzi, on-site security is a smart way to create a safe and comfortable environment for your guests. Officer Off Duty coordinates with event planners to plan and secure every aspect of your event, ensuring its success and shielding it from potential risks.

As uniformed off-duty law enforcement officers, we act in a high-visibility capacity to deter potential problems and provide patrons with a sense of security. By surveying the site and coordinating with local police departments, we offer the highest level of protection. Event planners will be supplied with radios and headsets for instant communication with us during the event.

While officers are typically uniformed, clients may opt for plain clothes officers. Regardless of choice, officers are well groomed, armed and carry less-lethal items, which mirror an officer’s “on duty” equipment. Our uniform shirts are labeled with “Officer Off Duty” on the back, rather than “Security.”

Motion Picture Set Security

From securing filming locations to protecting celebrities, cast members and crew, Officer Off Duty provides professional protection services to ensure a safe environment for all involved. Our off-duty officers can work undercover or in uniform, depending on the client’s preferred level of discretion. We understand security needs and risks differ from location to location, which is why all of our protection services are fully customizable.

Officer Off Duty is also available for consulting and technical advisory assignments. Whether on set or behind the scenes, we can assist with storyline and character development in motion pictures, television shows, commercials, and all pre-production or post-production aspects, including screenplays and dialogue consultants.

Related areas of storyline or characters include:

  • Police work, detectives or investigations
  • Bodyguards
  • Military or special forces
  • Martial arts
  • Weapons or combat
  • Espionage
  • Cyber-crimes and hacking
  • Government agency roles, such as FBI, CIA, and DEA